Hanna + Heyns Engagement

Hanna and Heyns have been lucky enough to find love young. Heyns, a recent graduate of the College of Charleston and Hanna, a soon-to-be-grad, met Hanna’s freshman year and as Heyns puts it, “she ignored me.” Well lucky for Heyns she’s not ignoring him anymore!

hh engagement  5 Hanna + Heyns Engagement
After their initial meeting the couple became fast friends, friendship blossomed into romance and now the two will be getting married this July at the Cathedral of St. Luke and St. Paul. For their engagement session we decided to shoot downtown in Charleston to represent their shared history and love of the old city. Hanna, an art history buff wanted to get some pictures with Charleston shutters. During our walk around downtown we came across these great big blue shutters. I absolutely love the way they combine with the arch to frame the couples romantic moment.

hh engagement  3 Hanna + Heyns Engagement
While downtown we had hoped to get a classic picture with the pineapple fountain. Instead we found something much better as someone had poured detergent in the night before and the fountain was absolutely overflowing with bubbles! Luckily the couple was game and got right into a bubble fight. (Don’t worry, no Bride’s were harmed in the making of this image.)

hh engagement  2 Hanna + Heyns Engagement
hh engagement  41 Hanna + Heyns Engagement
I love this picture because it is as if Hanna and Heyns are in a secluded garden. There are so many beautiful corners of Charleston just waiting to be discovered and photographed!

hh engagement  6 Hanna + Heyns Engagement
Hanna and Heyns were a really fun couple to work with and seem to have the type of ease and humor in their relationship that usually only comes with age. Best of luck planning the wedding but try not to skimp on homework! 😉

hh engagement  1 Hanna + Heyns Engagement

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[…] Hanna and Heyns were married on a sultry summer morning in July. After shooting their  engagement this past November we learned how happy and fun the two are and we instantly knew their wedding would reflect this. Hanna and Heyns decided on a morning ceremony as a change from tradition. The wedding took place at the Cathedral of St. Luke and St. Paul with a brunch reception following in their Parish Hall. The Bride wore a beautiful LulaKate dress with her bridesmaids in pink. The ceremony was a touching affair as you could see the couples obvious delight as they stood at the altar. Heyns is originally from South Africa and many of his family members flew over for the wedding, proving how important the union of two people are. […]

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