Elva Fields Jewels

Often times brides seek our opinion on wardrobe choices for engagement shoots and sometimes even for advice on where to find the perfect hair accessory or jewelry. So today we wanted to share our absolute favorite jewelry company that we usually suggest to brides. Elva Fields is our favorite designer to recommend as her pieces are completely unique. Made from recycled and vintage finds the designer crafts works of art. Visit her website or blog to see some of these beauties for yourself. (And if you look closely on her blog you may come across a Valentine’s Haiku that our assistant Gillian sent in for a contest.)

I mean, how beautiful is that?

black gold flowers large Elva Fields Jewels

Image via: http://shop.elvafields.com

For more of these images or to book a wedding please contact Richard Ellis Photography at: http://www.ellisphotostudio.com/

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